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We know what we are talking about. Access the best investment opportunities in real estate assets thanks to our advice and knowledge of the market.


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We solve everything inherent to the judicial, notarial and registry procedures concerning the acquisition of assets awarded at auctions. You will be able to participate safely and firmly, we will guide you. If you need it, we can facilitate visa procedures, we carry out the search for real estate, and everything related to the needs to obtain the Golden Visa. Our services include everything.

Invest in Spain

Hotel Business Purchase and Sale

We advise you on everything related to the acquisition of any type of property, especially in hotel operations, which require specialized knowledge given the complexity of the operations.

Judicial Auctions in

We offer our guidance according to your expectations so you can achieve the best investment in the auction or foreclosure business in Spain.

Credit assignments & foreclosure assignments

We negotiate safely and with transparency the assignment of receivables that may benefit your acquisition of any real estate asset in Spain.

Golden Visa
in Spain

Through our portfolio of assets, you can choose the one that is adequate for you to get the Golden Visa as well as you and your family’s residence in Spain. We can also handle your visa application.

Bankruptcy proceedings in Spain

You can take part in remarkable opportunities to acquire assets from bankruptcy proceedings in Spain to get a better profit.


We operate in the best areas where you can invest your capital

We are specialists in accompanying you throughout the investment process in assets awarded at auctions and real estate investments in the best areas to invest your money in Spain.

Pradeartis Capital – Real Estate Investments in Spain

best areas to invest in spain

We specialize mainly in the consulting and legal advice business to achieve the success and total satisfaction of our clients with respect to their investments, whether in the sale of real estate assets, real estate developments, participation in auctions, administration of commercial and residential properties.








Investments in the Balearic Islands

Invest your capital in the best areas of the Balearic Islands. We find assets for you in Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca and Formentera.

in Valencia

Real estate investments in the best areas of Valencia in assets awarded at auctions and real estate investments

in Malaga

Safe real estate investments on the Costa del Sol. Invest your capital in assets in Malaga, Puerto Banús, Marbella or Fuengirola.


There are different
investment models in Spain to obtain the best possible results and returns

We have a wide portfolio with different types of properties for safe and profitable investments in Spain. We boast a continuous flow of opportunities from which you can benefit. We lead you in a certain and reliable way to obtain interesting returns.

One of the best and convenient investments that offer a great opportunity to obtain benefits, by joining a commercial activity in operation and a line of business with high profitability.

You can benefit from a fluctuating return between 25% and 30% when investing in apartments, townhouses and chalets in Spain, which on specific occasions can reach 50% if it comes from judicial auctions.

Investing in this type of real estate asset in Spain offers a guaranteed return on busy roads, pedestrian streets, shopping centres, etc. by leasing or transfer of business.

Great capital investment opportunity in Spain. By dividing the building into apartments for sale or for rent, an interesting diversity of returns is obtained. We have a varied portfolio!

Investing in this type of property is the perfect resource for small investors in Spain. They are low-risk capital investments whether you are purchasing garages individually or as large lots.

The investment par excellence! Easy market launch given the companies’ liquidity against natural persons. Longer term rental agreements.

Perfect for housing development. Attractively priced, they result in ideal resale opportunities.

Where to invest in real estate in Spain?

Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and the Balearic Islands are some of the best areas to invest your financial capital and obtain a good return with little risk.

Which is the best city to invest in Spain?

We could say that Madrid is one of the best cities to invest in real estate, but this is not always the case, as other cities and regions in Spain such as Malaga, Marbella or the Balearic Islands are lately receiving a large number of foreigners investing in real estate and companies, which means that these places are expanding.

How do you invest in real estate?

You will not have to worry about anything when investing in real estate with us, as we will accompany you and inform you of all the changes and actions to be carried out during the process of buying or selling any type of property.

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Integral management so you do not deal with complex processes.

We advise you on everything related to the acquisition of any type of property, especially in hotel operations, which require specialized knowledge given the complexity of the operations.

We guide you in the purchase, sale or rental of your properties and we take you through all the complex judicial procedures, whether you have bought at auction or acquired by assignment or via a bankruptcy procedure. We
provide a full service.

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