Bankruptcy proceedings

Arrangement with Creditors in Spain

The acquisition of real estate assets from insolvent companies can have a double positive effect. The bankrupt company acquires liquidity from the sale of said assets, and on the other hand it is a very good investment opportunity for those who seek an advantageous return on the subsequent sale of the properties.

We offer you the maximum security and guarantee to carry out these types of operations, which, although they can be very advantageous, require professional management, which is carried out with the necessary firmness and solidity by our lawyer and bankruptcy administrator at PRADEARTIS CAPITAL.

Our activity allows us to be in continuous and close contact with courts, attorneys, administrators and associated partners. These links put us in a preferential position to be able to find and offer you the best and most convenient safe and reliable investment opportunities.

Your interests are our challenge. Do you have an assignment? We love challenges. We offer existing opportunities outside the conventional market.

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Many of the real estate assets from insolvency proceedings in Spain are usually negotiated in the pre-trial phase to prevent them from going up for auction. In this scenario, our lawyers negotiate for investors interested in acquiring said assets.

You can entrust us with the search for interesting assets to invest in and we will manage everything until we reach satisfaction for all parties.

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Integral management so you do not deal with complex processes.

We advise you on everything related to the acquisition of any type of property, especially in hotel operations, which require specialized knowledge given the complexity of the operations.

We guide you in the purchase, sale or rental of your properties and we take you through all the complex judicial procedures, whether you have bought at auction or acquired by assignment or via a bankruptcy procedure. We
provide a full service.


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