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Participate in the best and interesting judicial auctions in Spain

We handle your auction from start to finish. After an exhaustive study and corresponding investigation we will be able to advise you if you should participate or not. Don’t worry about tangled legal, notarial and judicial procedures during the study process and development of the procedure to participate in the auction of a property in Spain. Our services include everything.

We offer you the possibility of participating in the purchase of real estate in Spain through judicial auctions with maximum profitability and security, since we are recipients of multiple, attractive and interesting real estate opportunities in the best areas of the country.

Types of auctions in Spain

Our judicial auction services

Judicial auctions and foreclosures in Spain

We have developed a simple system to take part in judicial auctions. Its objective is to guarantee that the public in general and investors in particular will access the auction system as a law expert would.

You can let us handle the assets search for you to invest on, and we will manage the procedures until the parties are satisfied.

Judicial auction

They allow mortgaged or seized assets in Spain to be converted into money, so that the defendant debtor can pay the claimed debt with the amount obtained from it. In Spain, everything that has an economic value can be auctioned, our specialty is real estate.

We have developed a simple system to participate in judicial auctions in Spain, with the aim of making the auction system in Spain available to the general public, and to investors in particular, with all the guarantees of a professional expert in law.

The continuous search for real estate auctioned in Spain is part of our specialty, in such a way that your order will be treated as unique and personalized, always defending your legitimate interest so that you can obtain the maximum benefit and the greatest return on your investment in Spain

Participation in an auction in Spain can be exciting, however it is imperatively unavoidable to do it in the hands of an expert professional. There are many occasions in which people without the necessary knowledge have embarked on an adventure with the undesirable result of failure, since in the end it can only cost trouble and the total loss of the investment made in Spain.


A large number of foreclosure proceedings in Spain usually end in judicial auction.

However, and before reaching that extreme, the bank must send the debtor an extrajudicial claim, a procedure prior to the claim. In this scenario, we will be in a very good negotiating position to try to purchase the real estate asset out of court. It is usually a good opportunity to adjudicate a property as long as there is a good understanding and benefit obtained between the parties during the foreclosure process in Spain.

Our expert lawyers in foreclosures in Spain will advise you and negotiate for you, bearing in mind that the advantage in these cases is that the negotiation is shorter in time than a judicial procedure, which results in faster adjudication. of the good with a timely result of the rapid achievement of profits.

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Integral management so you do not deal with complex processes.

We advise you on everything related to the acquisition of any type of property, especially in hotel operations, which require specialized knowledge given the complexity of the operations.

We guide you in the purchase, sale or rental of your properties and we take you through all the complex judicial procedures, whether you have bought at auction or acquired by assignment or via a bankruptcy procedure. We
provide a full service.

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