5 reasons to choose a real estate investment expert when investing in assets

Saying that Spain is a good choice to establish residence is not a novelty, but doing it in the hands of expert investment professionals, such as Pradeartis Capital, can avoid real headaches when investing in real estate in Spain. Although a priori it is the first resource, real estate agents in the traditional market may fall short in some aspects.

Advantages of having expert advisors

If you want to invest in real estate in Spain, an expert company in investments outside the ordinary market offers many more benefits:

Get the highest return on your investment.
It has real estate from judicial auctions, which can reach up to 20 or 30% below the market price.
– On the other hand, there is also the possibility of acquiring real estate through an auction transfer, or an “off-market” asset, from a financial institution or a creditor in need of liquidity.

Golden Visa in Spain

The reality of the country offers great attractions, so families who wish to invest in real estate assets and obtain the Golden Visa -the permit for those foreigners who wish to reside in Spanish territory in order to make some significant capital investment- have great reasons to do it in Spain. Likewise, once obtained, the Golden Visa gives the right to travel throughout the Schengen area without any restrictions.

It should be remembered that the new Law on Entrepreneurs enables foreigners who make an investment in Spain to obtain residence for themselves and their family members -spouses and minor children-, and without the investors being obliged to remain in Spain for a certain period of time to be able to renew said residence, requesting the maintenance of the investment as the only requirement for renewal.

If you are considering getting the Golden Visa in Spain through investment in real estate, here are some weighty arguments that we remember to reaffirm your decision:

Getting the Golden Visa is easy

Contrary to Portugal, which has just eliminated this permit, in Spain obtaining the Golden Visa does not present great difficulties. Those people who can request an authorization as an investor are those who have acquired one or more properties, the important thing is that they add up to a total value of at least 500,000 euros. Once the Golden Visa is granted, the beneficiary can legally reside in Spain for two years. After this period, you can request the renewal that gives you the right to reside for five more years, proving that the requirements are still met. After that period, permanent residence is obtained.

Before 20 days and once this visa has been requested, the Administration must respond and in the case of not doing so, it is interpreted as authorized. In addition, it is not necessary to prove stays in Spain.

High quality of its schools

Every year, at least three Spanish educational centers are in the top positions in the ranking of the best study centers at a European level. His teaching methods are aimed at developing critical thinking and transversal skills. A wide academic variety is offered, always aimed at facilitating access to positions of responsibility in companies or being able to successfully undertake a business project.

For its attractive climate

Spain can boast of one of the best climates in Europe. Unlike most of the countries of the old continent, in which the rains and the cold predominate during most of the year. In Spain, the clear sky and the sun are the protagonists during most of the year.

The good climate of this Mediterranean country encourages a good state of mind and a lot of motivation to study and also to go out and enjoy leisure. Undoubtedly, the weather is a good argument for investing in real estate.

Landscape diversity

From the North to the South, with its landscapes painted in an intense green color, passing through its coasts and reaching the islands, where paradisiacal and beautiful beaches extend. Especially, the most interesting areas in which to invest to obtain the Golden Visa are the Costa del Sol, the Balearic Islands, the coast of Valencia and Catalonia, due to its landscape diversity and especially favorable climate. Without a doubt, Spain is a new space to dream and discover.

Investment Opportunities

Precisely, it is interesting to pay attention to the real estate auctions that are held in Malaga, the Balearic Islands, Valencia or the Catalan coast. These are highly attractive real estate assets, outside the traditional real estate market, so they allow the acquisition of assets that are more difficult to access in the mainstream market.

You have the best support

If you are contemplating establishing your residence in Spain, you can count on Pradeartis Capital. As experts in real estate investments, we take care of everything so that you forget about the paperwork and headaches. Invest safely and fully guaranteed. We find the right property for your needs and we also process the Golden Visa for you and your family. We are experts in real estate auctions, with which you can access the best investment opportunities. Ask us and enjoy personalized treatment.

Ask us and enjoy personalized treatment.

Somos especialistas en acompañarte en todo el proceso de inversión en bienes adjudicados en subastas e inversiones inmobiliarias en las mejores zonas para invertir tu dinero en España.

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Integral management so you do not deal with complex processes.

We advise you on everything related to the acquisition of any type of property, especially in hotel operations, which require specialized knowledge given the complexity of the operations.

We guide you in the purchase, sale or rental of your properties and we take you through all the complex judicial procedures, whether you have bought at auction or acquired by assignment or via a bankruptcy procedure. We
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